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Name: worlds largest network
Date: 02/27/04
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Message: <a href="">worlds largest network</a> here just came accross your site and loved it.

Name: Kayla Gartman
Date: 02/16/04
Email Address:
Message: Hey whassup? Ya'lls Cool

Name: Mark Cellini
Date: 10/18/03
Email Address:
Message: Keep up the Good Work, it is appreaciated!

Name: Joe Pelczarski
Date: 07/18/03
Email Address:
Message: good work - keep it up !

Name: Brian O'Gorman
Date: 05/12/03
Email Address: brian.o'
Message: Don was in Kodiak, Alaska for our Whalefest and gave a very informative overview of his operations.

Name: Greg Clubbs
Date: 04/03/03
Email Address:

Name: Tom Dunn
Date: 01/31/03
Email Address:
Message: At this the men greatly feared the LORD , and they offered a sacrifice to the LORD and made vows to him. But the LORD provided a great fish to swallow Jonah, and Jonah was inside the fish three days and three nights.<br>
Jonah 1:16-17

Name: Patsy Farmer
Date: 01/31/03
Email Address:
Message: I am a volunteer whale watcher in Flagler Beach. Thanks for your help!

Name: greg
Date: 01/26/03
Email Address: 
Message: sure get the money shot when I leave

Name: Keith Phares
Date: 01/25/03
Email Address:
Message: Great work, watching your blimp offshore today and wonderful job you are doing!<br>
Neptune Bch fl

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