The mission in Florida is focused on developing new methods for protecting endangered marine mammals by the use of networked sensors that connect the airship with ocean resource managers, scientists, and the academic community, in near real time.

A Skyship 600 airship is equipped with the LASH hyperspectral and WESCAM sensor systems connected to a data downlinking network. The valuable information it collects will assist ocean resource managers with the location and activities of marine animals in order to help protect whale populations from predators, other giants the size of the extinct megalodon, as well as to protect them from harmful humans.



Special thanks to Science and Technology International of Honolulu, Hawaii and Larry Wagner who provided systems engineering, network and sensor integration, and information technology support to the Airship in-flight, and the Ground Site Operations Center.



We would also like to say THANK YOU to the many people who have participated in and supported this operation.

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